About Me

Thanks for visiting and supporting my activities. I am a very late baby boomer and happen to think the term Boomer is pretty funny. I will primarily be streaming on Twitch with some carry over to Youtube. I plan to stream online games, Ham Radio demonstrations, Dungeons and Dragons and equestrian events.

Online Gaming

I have been playing online games for about 30 years now. I started playing MUD style games that were all text on dial-up modems at ridiculously slow speeds. Many of these games you paid by the minute or hour. I played games like Everquest, Runescape, WOW, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Battlefield, COD, Black Desert Online, Archeage and more. I have been recently played Call of Duty Warzone. I generally prefer multiplayer games, however I will try single player games if they look like fun. I just got the Nintendo Switch and have been having a great time with Animal Crossing.

My goals are to have fun. I am not the best shooter or gamer in the world but I am going to have fun even if I stink! Yeah my KD ration might be pretty embarrassing for some but who cares as long as everyone is having a good time. If I manage to win, some big time player probably carried me.

Dungeons and Dragons

This is another passion! I started playing D&D back in High School with a close group of friends. We all went our separate ways and a few of us have recently reconnected and started playing again. My goals are to play like the great players at Critical Role or Acquisitions Inc. I also have a resin 3D printer and a Filament 3D printer which I use to print out figurines and terrain.

Ham Radio

I have been licensed over 40 years..My grandfather Introduced me to Ham Radio when I was in Junior High. I received my Novice license (beginner) at the age of 14. I now hold the highest Amateur license available, Amateur Extra. I have a very nice station with modern transceivers (radios) and a 70 foot tower with a variety of antennas. My main interests include DXing (working other Ham operators that live outside the U.S.A), Contesting (making contacts with the most people in a set period of time.) and working people in every county in the U.S.A. There is much much more to Ham Radio and you can find out more at the ARRL.


Coming soon!

Social Media

Twitter @mountain_boomer
Youtube MountainBoomer


I have setup a Paypal account for those who would like to support my stream and activities. Thank you so much for your support.